NYC 2007

(6/15/2007 - 6/17/2007)

This page is about a trip I took to New York City with two friends, Bobbi Closser and Delano Lewis, in the summer of 2007.

Friday, 6/15/2007

We boarded our 6:00 flight from Lambert with four minutes to spare before departure, and then we all promptly passed out for the duration of the flight. After arriving at LaGuardia, we took a cab to Ian's aparment in Williamsburg, which is in Brooklyn. After we put our stuff away and chilled for a bit, we headed to the subway station to catch the L train into Manhattan. Our first tourist destination was the United Nations Headquarters, where we took a tour. Pictures from the U.N. are below.

The U.N. HQ from out front.

I swear I saw this same sculpture in the Vatican.

Me in front of the sculpture.

Delano and Bobbi in the U.N. Security Council Chamber.

Delano, Me, and Bobbi in the Security Council Chamber (with flash this time).

The U.N. General Assembly Hall.

Next, we met up with Ian for lunch at a Pakistani/Bangladeshi restaurant. Afterwards, he returned to work while we walked uptown to check out FAO Schwartz and Central Park. We then met up again with Ian and took the 4 train from Grand Central-42nd Street up to the Bronx for the Yankees game against the Mets. The whole rivalry game experience was quite the spectacle, all the way from the train ride up to the train ride back. Fans of both teams were boisterous, talking their fair share of smack and staring chants that would make Vince Vaughn call for the earmuffs. We also witnessed several fights in the stands, and the ejections that followed. We took a train, which was still packed 45 minutes after the sold-out game, back to Manhattan where we stopped off at Times Square before heading back to Brooklyn and calling it a night.

The Apple Store (underground) next to FAO Schwartz.

A statue flanking Central Park.

A statue at the entrance to Central Park.
Street performers break it down.

Rockefeller Center.

Grand Central Terminal.
View from our seats at the game.

To the left.

The future Yankee Stadium, currently under construction.
Cars with hydraulics parked outside Times Square.

Times Square 1.

Times Square 2.
Times Square 3.

Times Square 4.

Saturday, 6/16/2007

We got a late start in the morning, as we were all pretty tired from the activities of the day before after getting up early (or not sleeping). We had brunch with Ian and his friend Ifan (sp?) at a quaint French cafe nearby and then Bobbi, Delano, and I headed into town. We made our way down to Battery Park, the departure point for the ferry to Liberty Island, and eventually procured tickets for the ride over. It began to rain as soon as we boarded the ferry, so we remained onboard while it stopped at Liberty Island and Ellis Island. Although I did not have the chance to get up close and personal with Lady Liberty, I decided that I would make her my new girlfriend. Some pictures of my sweetheart are shown below.

My lady from the southern tip of Manhattan.

Manhattan from the ferry.

Farther away from the city.

Liberty Enlightening the World.

A somewhat closer look.

From behind, moored at the dock.

Luckly, the rain stopped soon after we returned to Battery Park. We walked up through the financial disctrict to the site of the former World Trade Center. After that, we headed for the subway to catch a train to Brooklyn. Confusion ensued due to subway construction, altered schedules, and rerouted trains, so we met up with Ian and Ifan over an hour after we had initially planned. We headed over to Grimaldi's to snag some pizza but found the line unbearably long. Instead, we walked across the Brooklyn bridge and dined on the other side. We grabbed some appetizers at a Vietnamese place in Chinatown, then eventually settled on a location in Little Italy for the main course. We parted ways with Ifan, who headed home to Staten Island, and returned back to Ian's apartment to hit the sack.

Bobbi refused to pose for this picture.

The bull from the front.

Where the towers used to be.

It's now a construction site.

More of the WTC site.

Another look.

Yet another.

The Brooklyn Bridge.

Another view of the bridge.

Manhattan from the pier in Brooklyn.

About to cross the bridge.

The Manhattan Bridge next door.

Me, Bobbi, Ian, and Delano on the bridge. Yes, it's too dark.

Lagging behind the others as we cross.

Sunday, 5/17/2007

The only activity for the day was a second attempt at a meal at Grimaldi's, so we packed our luggage and headed over there with Ian and his roommate Kristen. The line was not as long as it had been the night before, so we decided to wait this time. We eventually placed and received our take-out order, and walked down to the dock to enjoy it. After eating, we hired a car to take us to Newark Liberty Airport and caught our flight back to St. Louis in time for a Father's Day dinner with the family.

A wedding party takes pictures on the dock.